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MCD RR5 Competition Rolling Chassis

MCD Racing

  • $1,158.99 CAD

A natural born racer without a compromise.

Right after its release The RR5 FT(Factory Team) had a huge success by grabbing the first two positions at the 2013 European Championship. The race was won with the Factory Team version of the Race Runner 5 with unique features such as the Internal High Pressure Cell shock absorbers, advanced MCD Limited Slip Differentials, ultra strengthened chrome drive shaft and axle, extended 7075 air craft alloy front and rear towers and LF composite extended wishbones.

We proudly present the Competition version of the European Champion RR5. A natural born winner comes at an affordable price without compromising the winning capabilities of the EC Version. The RR5 Competition carrying the same genes with the RR5 FT can easily be upgraded to Factory Team Spec.

The RR5 Competition Features

  • Top of the line competition off-road buggy
  • Easy assembly/dis-assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Centralized and compacted parts layout on chassis
  • Elite racing design ultra-durable high performance parts
  • Fifth generation MCD chassis & suspension arms
  • Sophisticated full-time 4WD Shaft Driven mechanics
  • Ultra strengthened chrome drive shaft and axle
  • New easy gear mesh system
  • Easily removable one-piece electronics tray
  • CNC machined 5083 alloy chassis
  • Strengthened long wishbones
  • Solid and durable side guards
  • Easily removable composite front, rear and center diff houses
  • Ultra durable front and rear adjustable brake system
  • Rear-brake only servo slot
  • 5 mm light-weight anodized 7075 air craft alloy front and rear towers
  • Optimized multiple shock mounting holes
  • Coil-over extended composite shock absorbers
  • Ultra hardened steel transmission gears
  • No-Stress-Effect polyamide front and rear bumper
  • New ball cup-joints
  • Improved brake linkage
  • New Viper Racing Air Filters
  • New Barracuda G performance exhaust improved for RR5 (Optional)
  • Adjustable CG
  • Adjustable weight distribution
  • Molded fuel tank with shake absorbing separators
  • Fully composite body accessories
  • Drive shaft boot